How long will the band set be?

For weddings we perform a three hour set of music which includes a ten minute interval, our starting time is up to the client. For music venues we perform a two hour set of music.

Do you perform nationwide?

Not only do we perform all over Ireland, we also travel abroad. We have excellent transport and have never missed a date in Donegal, Cork, Dublin or any county in Ireland. We like to arrive before our due time.
All band members, Instruments and sound equipment travel to venues in the one Crew-Cab Van (Ford Transit 350).

Can we come to a wedding to hear the band?

The band performs regular showcase dates in Dublin (posted on our Blog page) and top music venues in Ireland, which are open to the public.Music venues are a much more comfortable environment for couples to see the band perform, viewing the band at a wedding requires special permission from our clients. Our wedding video shows the bands live performance at a recent wedding YouTube .

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